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This is the section of my home page devoted to Garbage. I will plan to put in a picture gallery soon, but until then, you can look at the three great pictures on this page. The one directly under this information was taken by Sam Husselmam, the creator of (link below). Thank you to everyone else who made this page possible. Their links can also be found below. Anyway, Garbage is tied with the Smashing Pumpkins for my favorite band. Shirley Manson's great vocals, depressing yet happy, make you yearn for more. Every song on the CD is good. My personal favorites are "I'm Only Happy When it Rains" and "Vow". Here's some info on the band!!!

The word "garbage" has brought on a new meaning. This new meaning is totally the opposite of words like "trash", "feces", and "waste" (for more synonyms, get a thesaurus). Garbage is now being used for the name of an awesome alternative band! This band isn't just the trash you may think it is.

Back in 1993, three friends, Butch Vig, Steve Marker, and Duke Erikson were working together making remixes for U2, NIN, and the House of Pain. They had been working in the music business for quite some time, and had an inspiration to write some songs on their own. But they wanted a female vocalist to sing them. One night, Marker was watching MTV, when he first laid eyes on Shirley Manson, singing in her Angelfish video "Suffocate Me". Within 24 hours, the band got in touch with her. Things got along well between them, and this new band was formed. But how did the band come up with the name "Garbage"? In an interview done for The Unofficial Garbage Site at Vig stated, "This friend came to the studio to play some percussion and when he saw all the loops I had going around the desk he said, ' Man, this f#$@# s#$@ looks like garbage to me, do you know what you're doin?'" This gave Vig the idea for the name. "We kind of liked that name because it could just be a blend of all sorts of trash and stuff," he said.

After recruiting Manson into the band, there were some changes made. Manson rewrote almost all of the songs, and refused to sing many of the original lyrics, which were mostly about drinking beer. Manson changed almost everything, (typical of some women, huh?) but added some wonderful vocals. "There were just certain things I wouldn't sing about, and other songs I wanted to change the perspective. Being the only woman in the band, it was necessary to do this to stay true to myself," said Manson in an Almo Sounds Inc. biography. "I've been accused by some of my male friends of thinking like a man. Maybe it comes from being small chested."

Small chested!? Manson is anything but small chested, which is the reason why many females don't like her. The beautiful Manson also dresses a tad bit slutty. But that's ok. She's certainly a pretty lady! Yee haw! The other members of the band are quite a bit older than Manson, and totally different. Butch Vig, also known as Brian, is the drummer of the band. He used to work as a producer for such bands as The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana. Steve Marker plays the bass and guitar in Garbage. He first met Vig as a film student at the University of Wisconsin. Duke Erikson is the lead guitarist and keyboardist in the band. He's worked as a truck driver, carpenter, and a producer. Then, along came Shirley Manson, the lead singer and occasional guitarist. She was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and played keyboards and backup vocals for Goodbye Mr. Mackenzie. Then she became the lead singer of Angelfish, in which she stayed until joining up with Garbage. In 1995, Garbage released their first album conveniently entitled "Garbage". Later that year, they won a Portuguese Music Award. 1996 was an even better year for Garbage. Their CD has sold over a million copies, and singles have been released for "I'm Only Happy When it Rains", "Stupid Girl", "Queer", and "Milk". There are also remixes for sale, so you can proudly say that you have six different versions of "Stupid Girl". On Sept. 7, 1996, Shirley was married to her boyfriend Eddie, crushing the hearts of many horny males and a few females. On Oct. 24, Manson appeared at the VH1 Fashion Awards Show, where her bare nipple was accidentally exposed to cameras (Accidentally? Bah!). Garbage has also been nominated for three Grammy Awards. On Feb. 26, 1997, Garbage will have the chance to win awards for Best New Artist, Best Rock Performence by a Group or Duo with Vocal, and Best Rock Song.

Garbage, unfortunately, has done little touring in the US on their own, but they have opened for The Smashing Pumpkins. On Oct. 26, 1996, Garbage played an hour long opening, getting the crowd stirred up for the Pumpkins. Manson performs very well live; it's almost better live than it is on the CD. Sophomore Dave Denison said, "I think they were better than Smashing Pumpkins." Garbage is currently working on their second CD, and will more than likely tour after it's released. Let's hope they get the lead out; all of those impatient Garbage fans are waiting!

I have seen Garbage live, and I'd like to go again! They aren't scheduled to play any concerts at the time, but if they do decide to, I'll update ya! If anyone else finds out anything, please tell me! Please send any questions, comments, or "guestbook signatures" to

Thank you!!!!!!

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